Friday, August 2, 2013

Vegan apple strudel

I had a dinner party tonight and guests were bringing a dish to share. I whipped out my cookbooks and I found a great recipe for apple strudel. The reason I chose it was because the ingredients included hazelnut meal and I had quite a bit left over from making my hazelnut cupcakes the other day. I was trying to think of how to use up the hazelnut meal yesterday, and so things turned out pretty well. 

My friend had also told me about how she found vegan puff pastry in the grocery store the other week during my prac. The apple strudel recipe also needed vegan puff pastry. I think the stars aligned and it was destined for me to make this apple strudel today :P

I found the recipe in my Native Foods cookbook. I bought it during my trip to America late last year. If you live in the States and have a Natives near you, please you check it out. You'll be doing yourself a big favour by trying out their delicious vegan meals. 

Also, check out the Native Foods recipe blog!

The recipe was supposed to make 2 strudels, but I managed to get one big one out of it. This goes lovely with ice cream and dusted with icing sugar for decoration. 

Stay tuned for the recipe. I'll try and post it soon :)

Served with homemade vegan vanilla ice cream

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