Monday, August 12, 2013

Custom sushi

My family just changed Internet provider and there were some problems that came up along the way. Our Internet has been down for the past two days and so I was unable to post up the new things that I have done. Even though I wasn't able to post them up, I still did them. I refuse to cheat! I set myself the challenge of doing something new everyday for this year and so I will stick to that come rain, hail or shine. 

I finally managed to sort out all the Internet problems today and so I'm posting up my entries for the past two days a little late; but better late than never. 

I'm always keen to try different sushi flavour combinations. Sometimes ingredients that might not sound like a good combination in sushi, actually turns out to be really good. Years and years ago, my cousin bought me sushi from a place in Leederville and there was sundried tomato in it. Yeah, not very Japanese, but it was surprisingly yummy. 

I had some left over seaweed salad from the other night when I went to Mr Munchies Sushi and so I decided to use it to make my own custom sushi roll. My creation included the following: seaweed salad (wakame), orange sweet potato, sundried tomato, cucumber and avocado wrapped in brown rice and the nori roasted seaweed sheet. 

I've never had that combination of flavours before, but I really enjoyed it. Sushi is great for experimenting with and it always makes for a healthy and delicious lunch or dinner. If you're a fan of sushi but have never tried making your own, then I think you should definitely give it a go :)

P.s. wow I'm so happy we changed our internet plan! These photos are uploading to quickly! :P

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