Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Wolverine

I finally took my favourite 12 year old comic book buddy to watch The Wolverine tonight. I love having a brother who likes the same movies as I do because it makes life so much easier to say "hey, let's go see a movie" from across the couch as opposed to having to organise it with friends who might not be available. Plus I'm paying so he's always keen to go :P

We really liked his movie. Really, really. 

I slightly remember the storyline of the Silver Samurai, but for this movie, it was probably better to detach myself from whatever I could remember because the director did a good job with his own storyline. 

The Wolverine had a bit of a different vibe to all of the other X-men movies, but it sure didn't lack in terms of action and entertainment. And wow Hugh Jackman knows how to get ripped. He is as brawny as Wolverine should be. 

An 8/10 for the movie and a 10/10 for those muscles :P

If you haven't already seen the movie, make sure you stay to watch the end credit clip about the next installment of X-men: Days of Future Past. I'm so keen to watch it! 

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