Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life of Pi

My good friend Nhi was after a quiet night in tonight so when I came over she asked if I wanted to watch the movie Life of Pi directed by Ang Lee. I swear we must be on some crazy similar brain wavelength or something because I had planned to watch Life of Pi yesterday, but by the time it had finished downloading, it was too late. 

I had heard a lot of good reviews for the movie and I knew that it won a lot of awards so I was really keen to finally watch it. 

The cinematography was quite stunning. It would have been so nice to have watched it on a big cinema screen. There were some beautiful scenes and together with the musical score, made everything seem so enchanting. 

I won't spoil the ending or anything, but I personally was expecting the moral of the story to go much deeper. Mind you, I am very set in my beliefs and values, so even though it didn't get to the heart of me, I'm sure it worked wonders for other people. 

This really was a lovely movie and it was so visually spectacular. I give it 7/10 :)


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