Thursday, August 8, 2013

Front row in the Regal Theatre

My brother Peter has spent the last 3 to 4 months practising for his school's performance in a competion called Wakakirri. It is where schools create and perform a story in the form of dance. 

He participated in Wakakirri two years ago and the school came second in Western Australia! I still remember going to watch that first performance like it was just yesterday. Time goes by so quick!

Even though I have seen a Wakakirri performance before, I'm counting this as my something new for the day because my dad and I ended up getting tickets in row A. I'm talking the very front row. We were sitting about a metre away from the stage. I've never been so close to the stage in the Regal Theatre before. Mind you, it would have been nice to be sitting that close when we went to go see Slava's Snowshow the other day, but oh well. 

Everything just feels different when you're in front row. I could actually see up the hosts nose. I can't say it was any better though, because it was actually hard to see what was happening towards the back of the stage; but none the less, it was so nice to see all their cute faces up close.

These kids were so enthusiastic and so cute. You have no idea how cute they were. There was an adorable boy dressed as a pig with a little pig nose, and one school had about 10 students about 8 years old dressed as cupcakes with big paper mache cherries on their heads. Adorable!

I love when kids are passionate and enthusiastic about things. I was so proud to see Peter up there too. He can actually bust a move really well. 

We weren't allowed to take photos, but I had to sneak at least one in to show you guys how close we were :P

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