Sunday, August 18, 2013

3 in 1 Market @ Showgrounds

I recently found out about a site called Weekend Notes which lets you know what events are happening in and around your state.While I was browsing through the calendar, I came across the Perth 3 in 1 Market being held at the Claremont showgrounds over this weekend. 

I decided to check it out to see if I could find me some cute or quirky things at bargain prices. It turns out that some vintage antiques actually sell for really expensive prices, but the owners are always willing to sell it for a better price. 

The market was held inside the large enclosed building. It was divided up into three sections: Handmade crafts; Antiques and Collectibles (Collectables? spell check says collectibles, but the flyer spells it collectables); and the Polka Dot Vintage Market. 

The place was absolutely packed. People everywhere. I checked out the antiques and collectibles first because I wanted to try and find some old school super hero comics. Unfortunately I didn't find many, but there were so many other great things to browse. There really was just too many things for me to even begin to remember telling you about. There was just absolutely everything you could thing of from every century. Just about every table had beautiful china, pottery, tea sets and jewellery. 

One table I was particularly fond of had an old traffic light head! They also had so many other great vintage things like a massive coffee grinder, a very beautiful vintage bicycle and an old gold cast iron waffle iron. You might think these are just things that you can kind anywhere, but these were vintage products that looked so amazing. If you've never been antique shopping before then you might not understand where I'm coming from, but definitely go some time and you will see. 

The Polka Dot Vintage Market was mainly vintage clothing on sale. I didn't spend too much time in this section because I shouldn't be buying any more clothes, but it was very interesting to see all the different fashion. I even found a Royal Family pop-up book! It was hilarious. It was a short pop-up book about the life of the royal family. There was a page for Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding and when you pulled the tab, they kissed. I've never seen anything like it before. I'm sure there is a devout fan out there who would love this in their collection of royal family memorabilia. 

The hand craft section of the market was lovely too. There were so many cute and creative things to buy, from stationary to clothing, jewellery and food products. Something for everyone. 

I really enjoyed browsing through everything on display. I could have spent all day there, but I got incredibly hungry and the food was expensive :P 

The markets will be back again at the Claremont Showgrounds on Saturday November 16th and Sunday November 17th. If you've never been to something like this before, then don't miss out on another chance. 

A bottle which had been melted flat and made into a clock.

Batmobile and Batman money box from the 1970s

So expensive! From 1966.

I wanted this...but it was $45.

The traffic light head!

There were so many pretty tea sets!

This is a Polaroid camera! Taz's head moves up and down over the lens. So cool!

I thought this was absolutely adorable! A tea cup and tea pot lamp stand! I love lamp :P

and a book lamp stand!

I love the jar in the middle. If you look closely, there's a tiny little man figurine in there.
So funny!

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