Monday, August 19, 2013

Relay For Life

Back in April, I gave a donation to Unicef and made an effort then and there to be more giving and make a difference whenever and where ever I can. A friend recently asked me to join their team for Relay For Life, an event to help support the Cancer Council, but unfortunately I am unable to participate because of other commitments. I still wanted to show my support though, so today I decided to help the team out and give a donation. I've never helped sponsor anyone for Relay For Life yet, and so I figured this would be a great something new for the day. 

I also wanted to share something else with you all today. I opened up one of my favourite sites Marc and Angel Hack Life today and saw a post that I had read a while back which they had re-posted. It is titled 8 Things You Forgot To Be Grateful For. This post definitely goes straight to my heart because there is one particular sentence (that I have underlined below) that motivates me to keep writing this blog:

2.  Every single experience that led you to today.

Life isn’t about a single moment of great triumph and attainment.  It’s about the trials and errors that get you there – the blood, sweat, and tears – the small, inconsequential things you do every day.  It all matters in the end – every step, every regret, every decision, and every affliction.
The seemingly useless happenings add up to something.  The minimum wage job you had in high school.  The evenings you spent socializing with coworkers you never see anymore.  The hours you spent writing thoughts on a personal blog that no one reads.  Contemplations about elaborate future plans that never came to be.  All those lonely nights spent reading novels and news columns and comics strips and fashion magazines and questioning your own principles on life and sex and religion and whether or not you’re good enough just the way you are.
All of this has strengthened you.  All of this has led you to every success you’ve ever had.  All of this has made you who you are today. 

I know that I have the wonderful support of all my friends and family that read this blog and for that I feel truly blessed, but just knowing that with or without an audience, I'm still making a difference to the future me is such a great feeling. 

Keeping this blog up and running everyday can be a bit tiring, but I'm reminded of how much I love doing this each time I look back over my past posts. Seeing all the photos and reliving the memories is an instant happiness shot. I am so blessed to have been given this gap year. 

Today is day number 231. Only 134 days left, and not a single one will be wasted :)

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