Monday, August 5, 2013

Veggie Mama, Mount Lawley

Today I went to the vegetarian/vegan cafe Veggie Mama on the corner of Beaufort st and Vincent st in Mount Lawley. This is place is great if you're after fast and healthy food. All the food is pre-made, so all you have to do is pick and choose what you like. There was such a huge variety of food available and some very tasty flavour combinations.

My friend and I got burgers with salad for $14.95. The serving size was pretty huge and we were so full afterwards, so we definitely got our moneys worth. 

The place is lovely and the service for us today was good. I'll definitely come back and try some of the other vegan options available. 





  1. OOOH the burgers look lovely!
    I went there for dinner the other night with a friend and couldnt make up my mind between the gnocchi and the I got both.

    I REGRET NOTHING!! I may have paid for two dinners, but it was so worth it. Twas great stuff :D

    1. You went there? cool!
      Hahaha yeah my friend and I spend so long trying to decide what to get. We got two different burgers and gave half to each other. So much choice!
      Lol I'm proud that you just got both the gnocchi and the lasagne. Choosing between the two is a toughie :P