Sunday, August 4, 2013

Slava's Snowshow

Today has been marked down in my diary for a few months now, in much anticipation for it's arrival. A few months ago my friends and I booked tickets to go see Slava's Snowshow after hearing about it from my friend Nhi. 

We had one look at the YouTube video and we were totally sold. It looked amazing. Creepy sad clowns, awesome music, confetti and a chance for the audience to interact in the show? A combination that I couldn't say no to. 

It was all quite spectacular. The two main clowns were great. There was barely any dialogue, but it really didn't matter because the actors who played the two main clowns did such a good job expressing it all in their body language and gestures. 

There wasn't really a storyline for the show. I like to think of it as lots of little stories all strung together. The atmosphere was quite eerie throughout the show, with some great comedic parts along the way. 

My dad really loved the music and it accompanied each scene really well. The special effects were also a huge part of the show. There was confetti snow, bubbles and fog from the smoke machines, and although the stage props were minimal, they were used so well. There was one scene where they push out a boat made from a bed, broom and curtain. It sounds simple, but it looked so beautiful as it seemly floated on stage with the fog. 

This really was such a visually spectacular show.

It was also so much fun! ***SPOILER ALERT*** 
There were parts during the show where the clowns would come into the audience and walk over the chairs. During intermission, they brought out water bottles and went around wetting the audience. There were just so many cheeky things they did to the audience. All in good fun.

I won't spoil the ending though :)

This is a great show for adults. Please don't think that just because there are clowns it's only for kids. It's actually quite creepy, so maybe brings kids who are 13 and over. 

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