Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vegan crumpets with berry compote, peanut gravel and vegan yoghurt

I came across an Instagram photo of a scrumptious looking breakfast at the South Perth cafe Gusto Food. It was homemade crumpets with berry compote, peanut gravel and yoghurt. Wow wow wow how delicious does that sound?!

This is the non-vegan version from Gusto Food (photo from here)
I love peanut anything, so this was something I really wanted to try. But I knew that it would not be the same without the yoghurt, and I was sure the homemade crumpets wouldn't be vegan friendly either. So in the end I just accepted the fact that I'd probably never get to taste this plate of breakfast goodness. 

That is until I came home yesterday and saw a packet of wholemeal crumpets that mum had bought from the grocery store. I also had some blueberries and vegan yoghurt left over from the vegan fruit pizza my friends and I made the other night. I also had peanuts left over from the bun thit nuong cha gio that I made too. It was like all the stars had aligned so that I could make my own vegan replica of Gusto Food's crumpet breakfast. I felt like a winner :P

My version didn't turn out as pretty as what Gusto Food plates up, but I know that if I ever make this again, I will know what to do right, and I guaruntee you that this is probably just as delicious as anything from the cafe. 

My vegan version
For my berry compote, I just cooked some berries, apple and kiwi with a bit of water and let that simmer until it had a thick consistency. 

For the peanut gravel I roasted some skinned peanuts in the oven until they browned and then processed them in the food processor once they had cooled completely. If you're roasting your own peanuts, then let them cool overnight because the peanut oil that is released during the roasting causes the gravel to clump up. You want your gravel to look more like powder. 

For the yoghurt, I added 2 tablespoons of Tofutti to a tub of vegan vanilla yoghurt to give it that thick white consistency. 

And I just got the crumpets from the packet. Yeah I cheated...but it was because I was short on time and had to go to work. 

This is one seriously great breakfast meal. Make your own, or go to Gusto Food cafe. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

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