Friday, August 2, 2013

Guest post: Safety Tips for the World Traveler by KC Owens

I love the idea of travelling and I've been very lucky to never have anything major go wrong on my holidays. Sometimes you can't predict if something will go wrong, but you can planning for safety is something everyone can do.

I wanted to share with you guys a guest post from a travel enthusiast KC Owens who has some wisdom to pass on about travel safety :)

Make sure to check out more of KC's adventures on his website Blogging Across The Pond.

Safety Tips for the World Traveler
By KC Owens

Whether it is your first time or the hundredth, traveling across the world can offer you a chance to experience the adventure of a lifetime while also gaining new knowledge about other cultures while visiting exciting attractions. Although you will always come back from your travels with stories to tell, it is important to be aware that common mishaps can throw your adventure off track. To help you plan your next adventure, here are several common problems that could arise along with the best ways to stay safe and healthy no matter what part of the world you visit.

Lost or Stolen Wallet
One of the smartest things you can do to prepare for a trip is to secure your finances while you’re on the go. To do this, I always get a prepaid card that can offer a secure way to access my money. According to Credit Card Insider, while using these cards, you can place small amounts of money onto the card at a time so that if it is lost or stolen you do not lose your entire bank account to some thief. Prepaid cards also can be selected in styles that do not have your name or any other identifying information printed on the front or back. This can help to protect your identity if your card is stolen (this is super helpful!). Additionally, these cards are so easy to use that they are ideal for students who study abroad.

Getting Lost
A very common problem that can occur anytime you are traveling is suddenly discovering that you are lost. It can be one of the most eerie feelings in the world. The best way to protect yourself from getting lost is to carefully plan your routes before leaving your hostel or hotel. You should also be careful to note that closing times for bus routes so that you avoid being stuck at a restaurant or bar with no way to get back to your hostel. Finally, make sure you carry a phone with GPS on it. I never travel anywhere without this vital piece of technology because I have been lost too many times before. Now, I just find a coffee shop, jump onto their Wi-Fi and figure out where I am. I also use different buildings, churches and monuments as checkpoints in case I can’t read road signs. This is extremely helpful while you’re in a country with a foreign language!

Sickness While Traveling
Getting sick while away from home can potentially ruin your trip. Therefore, you will want to make sure to be careful when drinking water or consuming local delicacies. If you are worried about the safety of your food, try choosing menu items that are fried. This may not seem like the healthiest thing to do, but few things can survive the kind of heat involved in frying. If you do fall ill, search the Internet for a local pharmacy so that you can get medicine as quickly as possible.

KC Owens has written and submitted this article. KC is a college student who loves traveling, college life, fitness and a good survival kit. He enjoys studying different cultures, meeting new people and leaving his footprint somewhere most people only read about.

Krakow, Poland

Oswiecim, poland-lake. This is absolutely beautiful!

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