Monday, August 26, 2013

Lunch at The Beaufort St Merchant, Mount Lawley

I organised to catch up with an old friend today who my brother hasn't seen in over two years. When I told him I was going to see her, Peter asked if he could come along too. I was just about to text her and ask if it was ok for him to join us when we had the idea of surprising her instead.

The plan was to hide Peter in the trunk of my car, lead her out and tell her that I had a present in there for her.

The plan actually went surprisingly well. When she opened the trunk Peter screamed and frightened her so much that she slammed the trunk closed again. Quite hilarious :P

That was the first (and probably only time) I have (or will) put a body in the trunk of my car. But no, that wasn't the only something new that I did today. 

We had originally planned to have lunch at a new burger joint called The Angry Moose, but unfortunately it was closed today. Instead we wondered down Beaufort St and decided to eat at The Beaufort St Merchant. I've been there for breakfast a few years ago, but I've never actually been inside or tried their lunch menu. 

This place was so lovely. It was warm and cosy inside and I really liked the decor.  The food was quite fancy and well presented. I managed to order one of the vegetarian dishes which the chef was happy to make vegan friendly for me. It was very colourful with purple carrots, slices of radish, brown lentils and yellow cherry tomatoes. 

My brother and friend ordered dessert afterwards which looked absolutely scrumptious. They ordered the chocolate fondant, which had popping candy inside, and the beer creme brulee which came with chocolate ice cream. 

There's something so great about catching up with those rare and special people in our lives and tucking into some good grub at the same time. Our bellies were very full by the end of lunch and ain all, I was very pleased with my second visit to The Beaufort St Merchant.

My brother ordered the beef pie.

My vegan meal.

Beer creme brulee with chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate fondant with caramel sauce.

Peter and I loved the large cutlery on the back wall :)

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