Thursday, September 12, 2013

UWA Catholic Society quiz night

Tonight I attended a quiz night run by the University of WA Catholic Society (UCS). The funds raised went entirely to the St Vincent de Paul Youth program. I've done a few of the Vinnies kids and teen camps and volunteered at the Homework Centre for a few semesters, so Vinnies is quite close to my heart. 

The quiz night was the first one held in about 10 years! It was such a good turn out, with about 60 people attending and about $400 was raised for the Vinnies camps. Such a good effort!

There were many laughs and I learnt a lot of new and random facts. One question that tricked us all was: "What was the highest mountain before Mount Everest was discovered?". We all answered things like Mount Fuji or Mount Kilimanjaro, but the answer was actually Mount Everest. Get it? Mount Everest was still the highest mountain even before it was discovered. Trick question!!

It was such a great night, and I encourage everyone to consider volunteering for the Vinnies camps. They're a great experience and you make so many good memories and friendships. 

On a quick side note, I came across this tumblr website, and when I saw this post (click on the link below), it made me pretty happy about taking this gap year :)

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