Friday, September 6, 2013

Pole class

My friend Nhi and I bought a voucher from Our Deal for 8 classes at Pole Fever Fitness Studios. They run a lot of different fitness sessions, but tonight we attended a casual pole class. I never thought that this would be something I would try, but it was actually really fun (and there's that saying: "you don't know until you try"). The class had about 12 or so girls of all different ages ranging from all different levels of experience. Myself, Nhi and two other girls were newbies. 

Tonight's session was good because the instructor went through mainly the basics because there were so many new comers. We started off with some warms ups and then got into body rolls, spins and lifting ourselves up onto the pole. The class was about 45 minutes long and this beginners session was a pretty good workout.

Some of the more advanced girls could do some pretty crazy amazing moves. Their balance, strength and flexibility was just incredible. One minute they'd be standing on the ground and the next they'd be upside down all the way at the top of the pole. These girls were seriously talented, and it was great because they were all really enjoying themselves and pushing themselves to do better and improve. 

The whole environment was really welcoming too. At first it was quite intimidating walking into the room with all these girls show casing their talents, but after a while you just get lost in what you're doing and you forget about everyone else. I think in most situations like this, everyone is too busy focusing on how they're doing to notice those around them. It's a good class to do if you want to gain some confidence too :)

I had a really good time tonight. To be honest, I had much more fun with my friend Nhi there to share the laughs with me. If you're keen to try it out, bring a friend who is equally and keen to try something new. 

This song always gets me in the mood for some groovin' and booty shakin' :P I'm so excited to the Beyonce concert in November!!

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