Sunday, September 15, 2013

Perth's Big Cake Bake Off and Ace Pizza in Mount Lawley

I found out about a fundraising event for the Red Cross out at Ascot Racecourse from the Perth Weekend Notes website and was quite worried that it was going to rain like it has been for the past couple of days. Yesterday in particular had very heavy rain fall and strong winds. But luckily for everyone who went out today, the weather was beautiful. The sun was shining and there was a lovely slight breeze. Perfect weather for the Perth's Big Cake Bake Off

The cake entries were very impressive. The novelty cake exhibition was my favourite. The talent was just amazing! After the cakes had been judged and the winners announced, you could buy a slice of cake for a gold coin donation. 

The popcorn was made out of marshmallows!!

My favourite :)

There was quite a lot to see and do, especially for the little ones. There was a petting zoo with pony rides, a bucking bull, bouncy castle, candy stall, a kids dance competition, a men's dart competition, clothes and jewellery stalls and food for sale. We tended to gravitate towards the candy and fairy floss stall :P

Little Batkid on the bucking bull. So cute.

There were also lots of goodies being raffled as well. We bought raffle tickets for a giant Toblerone and 10kgs of Cadbury chocolate in a giant novelty box. So cool...but alas, we didn't win. It's probably better that way because we already overloaded on enough sugar for one day.

All of us had never been to the Ascot Racecourse, so that was another new thing for today. No matter where I go, it's always a great time when I'm with my girls (plus my brother today) :)

I also did another new thing for today and had dinner at Ace Pizza on Beaufort St in Mount Lawley. I've seen a lot of good reviews on Instagram and so we took our friend there for his birthday. 

The restaurant was very spacious and had a very modern look to it. The walls were dark and the lighting was dim, but it all added to the nice atmosphere. The place was very busy, so it was lucky we made a reservation. 

My friends ordered two pizzas and I got the beetroot salad (minus the ricotta cheese). Unfortunately the pizza dough was not vegan friendly, but it was OK because the salad tasted really good. The serving was huge, so I was very full by the end of dinner. What I enjoyed about this salad was that it had both cooked and raw beetroot. The cooked beetroot added a lovely sweetness, while the raw beetroot added crunch. There was rocket and walnuts in the salad as well. It was just delicious. 

For dessert my friends ordered the soft serve which came with salted caramel topping, chocolate ice magic, crumbled biscotti and honeycomb. Are you drooling yet?

This is definitely somewhere everyone has to check out at least once. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

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