Monday, September 2, 2013

Pole fever: ABT & body sculpt

My friend Nhi and I bought a voucher from Our Deals for 8 lessons at the fitness studio Pole Fever for a bargain price. Unfortunately we put off booking our classes for a few weeks and only realised last week that the deal expires on the 12th of September. So we madly booked all 8 classes within the next two weeks. Our bodies are going to be sore, but hey, lesson learned. 

The voucher wasn't just limited to pole classes, but you could choose from their list of other fitness classes such as ABT (abs, butt and thighs), cardio, flex N stretch, body sculpt and many more. 

Nhi and I waned to do some classes together, but the only times our schedule correlated was for a 6am and 8pm class. We did the ABT and body sculpt, respectively. 

Oh man. 

Oooooh maaaaan. 

I'm aching. 

I'm so proud of us for doing two classes in one day though. We were definitely pushed to our limits with these classes, but it has only motivated us to better ourselves. 

The ladies running the sessions are super friendly and they are very encouraging too. Each session has about 6 people so if you're not a fan of small groups....don't worry, everyone is really nice and they're all hurting as much as you are. Mind you, some girls look absolutely stunning after the workouts. Me on the otherhand. Sweaty like a man and hair all messy and stuck to my face and neck. I may look gross, but these workouts make me feel great :D

Grab a friend and join in the fitness fun. Also look out for vouchers on those daily deal websites like Scoupon, Red Balloon and Our Deals etc. 

I hope you get involved, and maybe I'll see you there :)

One of the new Beyonce songs. Love it because it's so fierce. This is definitely one of my new workout songs :)

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