Saturday, September 14, 2013

Makeshift on William and The Moon Cafe

I had a really good day today. A large reason why is because I met a lot of lovely, happy and chatty people today and their good vibes brightened up my day. I donated blood today and the lady who was taking my blood told me all about her trip to Vietnam. It sounded like her had the most amazing time and it just made me so happy to see someone reminiscing about their favourite memories. 

My friend Kate invited me to come out to Northbridge and Perth City to check out some of the events for Makeshift On William and the Perth Fashion Festival. Unfortunately I had to work til evening so we missed a lot of the free events, but we managed to hop on into the enex100 where the Lips & Lashes Bar were applying free fake lashes and lip gloss. For free!! The lady who did my lips and lashes also was a lovely and bubbly person and it was so great just having a laugh with a stranger. 

We then headed out to Northbridge to go and try and collect some of the free things up for grabs. Makeshift on William is a cool idea where you go around to the stores and restaurants and pick up pins, patches and recipe cards. There were heaps to collect and each of the stores had a cool display that you could interact with. The only store that was open when Kate and I got out there was Fi & Co. The girl serving behind the counter was another cheerful person that made it a good night. She told us about the display in the shop where we could put on a head piece and take photos with our heads in the hanging picture frames. We were originally going to just go into the shop, grab our pin and walk out, but the girl told us to check out other parts of the store upstairs and out the back. It was an awesome vintage store and it was so well decorated and everything for display and for sale was gorgeous. 

Kate also took me to The Moon Cafe on William St. I have heard a lot about it over the years, but I've never gone in. The food was modern kind of food, including pastas, pizza (dessert pizzas too!), burgers, nachos and the list goes on. I really enjoyed this place, and it was very busy, so I'm guessing a lot of people enjoy it too. Be warned though, the serving sizes are pretty massive! We ordered a side of fries which in all honesty could feed a family of four. The food was great, and vegan friendly too :) I had the veggie burger which had a tofu patty, roast veggies, lettuce and tomato. It was delicious. 

So many fries!! I finished my fries and we ate half of the bowl before we couldn't eat anymore. Good effort, but food won today.

I'm feeling really blessed to have met such lovely people today. I think it pays off to take an interest in other people, even if it is for a short 15 minute conversation. Give them your time and attention, and in return you'll feel good for making someone else feel special :)

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