Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Snags and Sons, Leederville

I have been dying to try a place in Leederville called Snags and Sons because they had a vegan option on the menu. It was called the Vegetarian Margaret River Tempeh, and it had tempeh with tamarind chutney, Asian salad and chilli in a wrap (would have been nice to have a vegan hot dog option though). When my friend and I went there today however, the menu had changed :(

Instead, there was a Mexican wrap which had tempeh, avocado puree, and beans. The non-vegan version also included aoli and cheese. It was a bit of a shame that I didn't get to try the wrap that I had my eye on for so long now, but oh well, maybe I can try and make my own version one day. 

The place was really nice and cosy though. It was small, but so are a lot of the places around that Leederville area. I would recommend this place for anyone who feels like a satisfying simple dude-food dinner. I quite enjoyed it here :)

A cosy little place to sit hidden right at the back :)

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