Thursday, September 26, 2013

Self flipping popcorn pancakes

Modern Family is one of my favourite comedy shows. My brother and I have been watching all the episodes in order from season one episode one. The other week we watched episode 19 of season four "The Future Dunphys" where Phil and Luke tried to invent the self flipping popcorn pancake. The idea was to put popcorn kernels inside the pancake so that when they pop the pancake flips by itself. 

My brother and I thought this was hilarious so we decided to try it ourselves. I found a new recipe for vegan pikelets from Veggieful that I want to try so we used this as our pancake batter. We tried to cook the pancakes so many different ways in order to get it to flip over by itself, but we were unsuccessful each time. When my parents came home, they got in on the fun too and tried to come up with new strategies.

This is what we tried, in chronological order:
  • Putting the popcorn kernels in the pan, then pouring the pancake mix over it. Fail. The popcorn kernels didn't even pop.
  • I tested the popcorn kernels to see if they popped in the pan without the pancake batter. They only popped properly if a lid was put on the pan. 
  • We got a big pot and put the kernels and batter in it and put the lid on. Fail. The kernels didn't pop. 
  • Dad suggested cooking one side of the pancake and then putting it on top of the kernels in the pop with the lid on. Fail. The kernels didn't pop properly and the pancake didn't flip.
  • We put the corn kernels in an egg ring and then placed the pancake on top (in the pot with the lid on). Fail. The kernels didn't pop properly again.
  • We put the kernels in the egg ring but then put a teaspoon between the egg ring and the pancake so that air could get in. Fail. The kernels didn't pop properly. 
  • Finally I hopped onto YouTube and found a video where they tried the self flipping pancake in the microwave. 
  • So I put the kernels in the pan and put pancake batter on top and waited for it to cook enough on one side to transfer onto a plate. I put it in the microwave on high. SUCCESS!! The kernels popped after about 2 minutes and the pancake flipped!!!
Myth busters eat your heart out :P

My findings:
This only worked in the microwave, and unfortunately when the pancake came out of the microwave it was rock hard. Cooking it in the microwave absolutely nuked it. So technically, even though it flipped by itself, it's not edible. 

Even though the outcome wasn't ideal, I had so much fun trying this with my family. My dad and I are alike in so many ways and we didn't want to give up until we found a way to make the pancake flip by itself. I loved that he didn't think I was being immature because I found amusement in this. Definitely a great bonding activity :)


  1. awesome, i saw this idea on modern family and i thought it was so cool <(^-^<)

  2. Hilarious idea, i own all the modern familys to, and love the future dunphys, thats why im doing it (the self flipping pancake) for a science fair project.

  3. We just watched it on modern family and were eager to give it a go, I googled it for tips before and found your page :-) well done for giving it a go, I look forward to trying your microwave idea :-)

  4. Anyone tried preheating the kernels in the microwave before putting them in the pan and batter?