Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pole Fever: fitball

I attended a fitball session today at Pole Fever Fitness Studios. I've never done any exercises with an exercise ball before, but wow it really gets you working. I swear, I was sweating just as much as a cardio class! Using the exercise ball helps you to get your technique right for when you're doing lunges and squats, but it also makes it that much harder and your muscles start to burn a lot quicker. 

I am so keen on buying myself an exercise ball now! Using these babies (the correct way) is a sure fire way of having a great workout for abs, butt, thighs and arms. Yep, one ball helps work out all those areas. Invest in one for sure! Mind you, they're not even that expensive. So now you have no excuse. Just make sure you know how to use it right. Hop on YouTube and watch some workouts, or better yet, go to one of the Pole Fever fitball sessions :)

I'm very much in love with One Republic's most recent album Native. This song is called 'feel again'. Check all of the other songs on the album too.

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