Friday, September 20, 2013

The Living Water Christian gift bookstore & cafe

I really love accidentally finding wonderful places in unexpected locations. For instance, today when I was heading back from the Licensing Centre, I came across a cute little Christian bookstore/coffee shop opposite the centre, kind of hidden behind a busy restaurant. When I first walked past it, I though that the entrance to the store was just the side door of the restaurant. What caught my attention was the sign that said had the words "bookstore" and "cake" on it. When I saw the word cake, I was automatically drawn in to have a closer look (even though most places don't sell vegan cakes). When I got closer to the shop windows, I saw lovely gifts for sale and two large posters which had passages from scripture written on them. 

The store is called The Living Water. I though it was so random to have a little Christian gift/bookstore on such a busy street like Boas ave. I must say though, it is such a lovely place. It's neat and tidy, with lots of pastel colours and shades of cream. When you first walk in, you have all the gifts on display. There's pretty much something for every occasion from baptisms and  confirmations to weddings and birthdays. The next section had shelves with books for sale, and at the end of the shop is a dainty little coffee counter with a play room for kids and tables for you to sit and enjoy your cake and coffee. 

I think it was so convenient that I found this place because I'm headed out to a baptism on Sunday and so I picked up a card while I was there :)

The Living Water has a lot to offer so if this is your kind of thing, then I totally recommend checking out the store, or their online website

What I also really liked about this place was the lady who served me. She was so friendly and bubbly. Exactly what I'd expect to find in a Christian shop. We got talking and she told me that the shop had been there for 4 years. Good on them! It is such a refreshing store. When I walked in I felt as though I had left the rest of my busy life outside. It was peaceful in there. I got all kinds of good vibes. Here's to another 4+ years of such a lovely shop. 

I thought this was cute. It's a plastic loaf of bread with little cards that have short Bible passages on them! Very creative.

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