Friday, May 10, 2013

My brother Peter

My something new for today isn't anything big and spectacular, but for me it's exactly how I'd like to spend my Friday night. 

My brother and I have been watching a lot of episodes of Friends lately. We have decided to watch all 10 seasons together and today we finished season 2. We both love Friends so much and we've made a pact that we won't watch an episode without the other. The poor kid, I'm not home all that often so he's the one who has to wait for me.

When we finished watching Friends today we decided to watch some Hey Arnold! together too. This is something new too because my brother let me watch all the episodes I've never seen before. 

I really love spending time with my brother, and I have to make the most of this time because everyday I'm seeing him grow up into a typical teenage boy. He's starting chatting to his friends for hours on the net, playing video games, and has even discovered girls...or they've discovered him hehe. 

I'm really lucky to have such a great kid in my life and I love that he's keen to do my new things with me. 

My brother has taught me a lot; whether he knows it or not. Sometimes I wish that I was more like him. He has this innocence about him. He has this huge huge heart that is incapable of holding a grudge. He's a lot like my mum. She has a very forgiving heart too and the both of them inspire me a lot. 

My brother Peter is such a kind person. In no way am I embarrassed at the fact that I'm learning and seeing how to be a better person from my 12 year brother. Sometimes we get so worked up in trying to be like our famous role models, but sometimes the best people to try and mirror are those closest to home. I've really taken to becoming more observant of all the good qualities of those around me. And please, if you see the good in someone, let them know exactly what it is you like about them :)

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