Monday, May 13, 2013

Fundraising baking

My whole day was full of baking :)

Ruth had a great idea to bake and sell muffins at the hospital she works in to raise money for our Red Cross Warrior Dash event this coming Saturday. 

We decided to bake three different types of muffins: white chocolate and raspberries, choc chip and vegan vanilla muffins with strawberry frosting. 

We used Donna Hay recipes for the non-vegan muffins and a recipe that I found from a book called Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (check out this blog too). I've never tried any of these recipes before and luckily the muffins turned out perfect! 

The house was filled with the most delicious aroma and they tasted amazing (well I just tasted the vegan ones but apparently the others were yummy too). 

The thing I find with Donna Hay recipes is that if you want them to turn out well, you have to follow the directions exactly. Don't mess about with estimations or substitutions (unless you are a pro at baking). We decided that because these muffins were for sale we had to make them perfect so we used all the exact measurments and ingredients.

And what a success it was! Ruth told me that the muffins sold very well. There was even one gentleman who couldn't eat eggs and was eccstatic that there were vegan muffins available :) That makes me so happy to hear that no one missed out. 

If you're interested in donating to Ruth and I, please hop onto our fundraising page and spare some dollars: 

For more info about The Red Cross, visit their website:

White chocolate and raspberries

Choc chip

Vegan vanilla muffins with strawberry frosting

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