Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shine 2013 - Mandurah

Today my good friend Cindy and I took a roadtrip down to Mandurah to attend an event called Shine. Neither of us have actually been to Mandurah, which is a part of Western Australia about an hour out of town. 

I took along my camera, but I forgot to insert the SD card and for some reasons I can't get the photos off my camera. Luckily I took some photos on my phone which I will upload for you :)

Shine was a Christian event running over the weekend. There were a lot of speakers such as Heidi and Rolland Baker who run a ministry called Iris Ministries which is dedicated to helping the poor, especially in Africa. There were lots of performances by Christian artists such as Leonard Jones and Jason Upton. 

The vibe that I got throughout the day was just peace and tranquility. It was a very family friendly event and people were just happy. 

The event was under a huge tent in Hall Park. The location was absolutley beautiful. The park was right on the river and there was a little carnival there too, along with a jetty and the gorgeous houses on the other side of the shore. The weather was pretty perfect today too, considering that we've been having heavy rains lately. 

Even the drive to and from Mandurah was about an hours drive, time seemed to go so fast with Cindz. We packed a whole bunch of snacks like roasted nuts and deep fried dahl!! The deep fried dahl was something new. It tastes a bit like deep fried wanton skins. Crispy and super yummy. 

While we heading over to the local IGA to get some more food Cindz said to me that today was how a Sunday afternoon should feel. I couldn't agree more. It was so relaxed. I had such a great sense of calm. Sometimes it's hard to escape all the things that get to us during everyday life, but just spending time in this little part of Mandurah seemed to washed it all away. 

Little old Perth has so much to offer, but what I love about it most is that it's where I had the chance to meet some of the most wonderful people such as Cindz. We always talk about how great it is that our paths were able to cross so that we could meet and be friends. Living in Perth meant that it could happen and it's reasons such as that that I love Perth all the more. 

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