Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Warrior Dash

I have some days where my something new is something small and simple such as cooking a new recipe. Although I like doing anything that's new, my something new for today was a great one. 

My wonderful friends Ruth, Nhi and Adam registered for the Warrior Dash which made it's debut in Perth today. The Warrior Dash is a charity event to raise money for The Red Cross. I heard about it through an email, and I let the girls know about it straight away. 

What I love about my friends is that they are so willing to try new things, even if it means being put out of their comfort zones. The idea of trekking through mud and all kinds of other crazy sounding obstacle courses kind of freaked us out, and Adam told us that he wasn't so great at cardio, but regardless of anything fear, anxiety or hesitation, we did it together and finished covered in mud with great big smiles on our faces. 

It was such a great event! The atmosphere was so up beat. Everyone was so pumped to be getting muddy and conquering the 5km obstacle course. The music and live band played some seriously great music and the food and drink was exactly what burly men and women needed after finishing. There were turkey legs being sold which was a highlight of the day. The wait was long, but man were they giant turkey legs. There was a ridiculous amount of meat on that bone.

All the obstacles seemed challenging from the website photos, but we found that once we gave it a go, they weren't all that bad and there were so many times when we surprised ourselves with what we were capable of doing. There was a giant wall with different length ropes hanging down which were used to climb over. I was going to climb up a full length rope but after seeing some guys run up the wall and grab the half-length ropes, I decided to give it a go too. I can't even describe how it felt when I ran up and grabbed that rope. I really didn't think I could do it, but sometimes we can do more than what we expect of ourselves. 

The event was held at the Northam Army Training Base. I've never been as far as Northam before, so that was yet another something new for the day. I love road tripping with friends, and today was another perfect example of that. 

If you didn't do the Warrior Dash this year and you don't mind gettin' dirty, then register next year! It's for a good cause!..which reminds me: Ruth and I were fundraising for the event, so please hop onto our site and spare a few dollars for a donation :)

A huge thank you to Ruth, Nhi and Adam for making everything about today fantastic. 

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