Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mung bean and quinoa crepes

As you may have read in previous posts, I have not yet come across a vegetable that I have not liked. I've been reading a lot of recipes lately which use the root vegetable swede. I decided to buy some on my last trip to the grocers. 

I decided to use the swede in a recipe I found for mung bean and quinoa crepes. My crepes didn't turn out looking as lovely as the one in the picture from the website, but it still tasted very good. I'm fairly sure this is traditional Indian dish because the spices used are very similar to what you'd find in a lot of Indian recipes. 

The only change I made to the recipe was that I used roasted carrot, pumpkin and swede instead of potato. 

What I loved most about these crepes where that they were very crisp. I've never thought to use mung beans and quinoa to make a crepe batter, but whoever invented that was a genius. It was harder to flip than normal crepes made with flour, but I'm hoping to perfect my technique one day. 

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