Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Stupid girls trying to plank on each other"

It has been a while since Nhi, Ruth and I have gotten together and had a blogilates workout session so we organised to get together tonight. Earlier today, Ruth tagged the both of us in an instagram photo she saw. It was a photo of four girls all stacked up on top of each other in a plank position. We really liked the idea so we decided to try it with the three of us tonight.

Before anyone tries anything like this it's important to be safe about it. First of all we worked out who would go on what layer and then we moved away any furniture that we could potentially hit our heads on. 

We tried to find a tutorial on the Internet that would help us to work out a safe strategy to get into formation but alas we were unsuccessful. What we did find was a YouTube video with the title "Stupid girls trying to plank of each other" haha. 

It took a few tries to get it perfect but eventually we got the plank stack that we were happy with. My brother was so sweet and he was the one who took the photo for us. 

The girls did such a great job. It takes a lot of strength to plank with someone on your back and with the number of times we did it before getting it right just goes to show how strong these girls of mine really are. We have all come such a long way since before we started out fitness regime. I'm looking forward to seeing what else we can all achieve. Keep following my blog adventures and you'll find out too :)

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