Sunday, May 5, 2013

Alpaca fair

I went to an alpaca fair today!

Yes, I thought I might just jump straight into telling you my something new. It's definitely not something you hear everyday. In fact, when my friend told me about it I was so excited because I didn't know things like alpaca fairs even existed. 

The alpaca fair was held at Whiteman Park. I told my sister about it and because she's just like me and loves anything fluffy, we decided to make a sister date out of it. My lovely friends Ruth, Nhi and Adam met up with us. They are my people to go to when I want to try something new because they are always so happy to join in :) I would not be having as much fun doing this blog without them :)

I think I acted like a total kid when we went around to all the alpaca pens. They were just so cute and fluffy looking. I love the ones with long fringes that cover their eyes. Adorable!!

Ok, so enough with the words, just look at the photos I took :P

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