Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Claudio's Pizza, Alexander Heights

When I was in Melbourne, we ate dinner one night at an Italian restaurant/cafe called Cervo near the Crown Casino. That night I ordered a vegan pizza with zucchini, mushroom and rocket leaves. 

My friends and I got onto the topic of whether there were many places in Perth with vegan pizzas on the menu. I told them that I have been able to order a few vegan pizzas. My friend asked me where I had eaten the best pizza. It occurred to me then that I have had so many vegan pizzas (including some that were homemade) that I couldn't remember where I had eaten them. All I know is that if it's got a lot of topping, a crispy base and a relatively thick crust then I am one happy camper.

My good friend Su-Lyn and I spontaneously decided to catch up tonight. She was very supportive of my quest for finding something new that she was willing to try out a vegan friendly pizza place I had found while searching on Urbanspoon. The place is called Claudio's Pizza. It's tucked away in a little part of Alexander Heights that I did not know even existed. Aaah, the joys of finding something new.

I really enjoyed the pizza here. I ordered the "Vegie Pizza" which had mushroom, artichoke (I love artichoke on pizzas!!),oven roasted capsicum, spinach and olives. I asked for chilli to be added as well. The chilli was definitely what separated this pizza from the rest of the pizzas I've ever had. It added that extra bite and flavour. This pizza is easily one of the best I've eaten :)

The restaurant was a cosy little place with a nice big woodfired oven. You kinda already know it's going to be a great pizza if it's cooked in a woodfired oven. The service was great and the prices were pretty good for the large pizzas that you get. Su-Lyn and I were only able to finish half. 

They also do an awesomely heavenly sounding Nutella dessert pizza. I don't know if it's just me of if it's fast becoming a trend to display the huge jars of Nutella, but there was also a restaurant in Melbourne called Gasolina which displayed them too.

You can dine in or order and pick up. If you live around the area and you feel like trying a new pizza place, give Claudio's a try :)

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