Friday, May 17, 2013

The Village Bar, Subiaco

My something new today was to hang with some of my lovely nursing student colleagues at a bar in Subiaco called The Village Bar.

The night was one of those much needed girls nights :)

We got into the discussion of looking at the menu before going out to eat. I always look at the menu and plan out what I'm going to order...but that's because I have to make sure they have vegan friendly food there. Although I do miss having that element of surprise when looking at the menu, at least when I look at it beforehand I get something to look forward to. 

I ordered a lovely beetroot and spinach salad with walnuts, pumpkin and quinoa. It was very tasty! I also ordered broccolini with sweet almond and rosemary oil. A very light accompaniment which went perfect with the main meal. 

We loved the music that was played tonight. There was a great mix of some old-school RnB. 

The highlight of the night though was probably spotting a group of older ladies (looking in their late 60s) hanging out in the middle of the bar. Now, the music was quite loud and the place was filled with lots of manly footy fans, but there amongst it all was a bunch of ladies (with a full head of grey hair) out having a good time. I've never seen anything like it, but it brought a smile to all of our faces. I hope I've got that much energy when I'm that age :)

I dropped my beautiful brand new camera the other day and now it doesn't work. I'm so devastated that I have to go back to using my phone to take my blog photos. My lovely sister is taking the camera back to the store to hopefully get repaired. I miss it already! :P

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