Friday, May 3, 2013

Flipside Burger Bar

There are some meals that can easily be made vegan. One of those is burgers. From memory, I have never been to a burger joint which hasn't had a vegetarian option that could be made vegan friendly upon request. 

Today my friend and I tried out a burger place called Flipside Burger Bar. I did a search for vegan friendly restaurants on Urbanspoon and Flipside was one of the search results. It worked out pretty well because this place is near uni and so we went here for dinner and a catch up.

We got there around 6pm and it seemed pretty quiet. It was a simple restaurant with just one long table with some stools around it for people to dine in. After we had sat down, we watched as the place began to fill up with customers...and very quickly at that. About 90% of the customers ordered takeaway burgers. It's a good thing too because there would not have been enough space on that one table for everyone to eat at.

I ordered The Kenny Burger which had a chickpea and sweet potato patty with red peppers and rocket leaves. There was also Sriracha sauce with all the condiments so I put this in my burger to add a bit of bite. Tasty!!

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