Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Attic, Fremantle

My friend and I made our way out to Fremantle today for some business and we decided to stay out there for breakfast. I had read about a place called Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed on the website Urbanspoon and I thought that today would be a perfect opportunity to check the place out.

My friend Naomi was more than happy to have hot dogs for breakfast but when we got there we found out that it wasn't open until 11.30am. I guess not everyone is keen on hot dogs for breakfast. Alas, I will go back there during opening hours and help myself to a nice vegan hot dog. Yeah, they do vegan hotdogs!

So our problem was that we were two hungry girls with no where to go. The answer of course, was to hop onto Urbanspoon and just find somewhere else to eat. This time we refined our search to breakfast/brunch places in Fremantle. 

We found a place close by called The Attic which was said to be vegan friendly. The place was a very cosy little cafe with the kitchen and counter downstairs and a dining area what felt like an attic.

I enjoyed the cosy vibe that this place had. It wasn't over crowded so the noise level was low (but then Naomi and I start talking and the noise level increases ten-fold) and the lighting was nice and dim. There were suitcases on display to give it that attic kind of feel. All the furniture was wooden and there were some couches up there too. 

What we really liked was the screen that was hanging from the wall. Projected onto the screen was an old-school black and white film. I've never seen anything like it and so it was quite refreshing to see something so unique. 

The staff were very helpful in pointing out what dishes on the menu could be made vegan and the food itself was quite tasty. The tea here was really good too. I had the rooibos chai which was brewed with soy milk and served in a little pot with a strainer. Chai tea always tastes better when it's brewed in the milk as opposed to water and then having the milk on the side. 

Fremantle has yet to disappoint me, and today was definitely no different. This place is a really great spot to go if you want to have a nice close catch up with someone. 

Coming here would be a great way to start your morning. 

Photo taken by Naomi

Photo taken and Instagrammed by Naomi

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