Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Faulkner 'Volcano' Park, Belmont

You might recall that last Wednesday I went to Faulkner Park - also known as 'Volcano Park' - but didn't actually see the giant volcano that the park is renowned for. 

I went back out to Faulkner Park today and found the Volcano Park. 

It was a very spacious, very beautiful playground with a massive volcano bam smack in the middle. The volcano had slides coming off of it and a spiral path to the top. 

The entire play space had so many different play equipment for kids of all ages to play on. There were plenty benches to sit on, a barbecue area, sand pit, and so much greenery and flora. It was like a little paradise. 

Please go check it out the next time you're out in the Belmont area, or just if you want to take your kids somewhere new. 

A view from the top of the volcano

These cutie pie kids were playing on the volcano when I was up there

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