Friday, May 31, 2013

Aisuru Sushi Bar, Northbridge

My friends organised a belated birthday dinner for me tonight and let me choose the restaurant. I had heard of a Japanese restaurant called Aisuru Sushi Bar on William St in Northbridge. My friend had told me that there was a whole section on the menu just for vegan sushi! I love Japanese food, so I was very keen to try this place out. 

The service here was great and the wait was long. They don't take reservations so first in best dressed. The place was packed for dinner tonight but luckily there were lots of seats to wait inside because it was a cold night. 

The food was lovely. There were so many different sushi flavour combinations I've never tried before which sounded so mouthwatering. My friend Naomi decided to go vegan for tonight and so between the two of us we ordered a few of the vegan dishes. 

We ordered the "veganpillar sushi" with plum sauce which was particularly delicious. I was expecting the plum sauce to be sweet, but it was tangy and added a great bite to the sushi. 

The serving sizes are quite small and the prices are more towards the higher end of the scale but presentation was lovely and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant was nice too. It was busy but the place wasn't too loud or anything. 

This place is perfect for those who love Japanese food and want a change from ordinary tuna sushi. 

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