Thursday, May 16, 2013


I recently saw my friend instagram a photo of an email she received from her past-self to her future self in the present day. She was able to do this through a website called FutureMe. The idea is that you can write an email and send it to yourself anytime in the future.

I wrote up an email addressed to myself in 5 years time when I finish med school, but I forgot to set the date to December 2017 and so I accidentally sent it to myself a year from now (because that's the default setting). I figured that a lot of the stuff I wrote will still apply, but I re-wrote another email anyways. 

I figured that doing this FutureMe project couldn't hurt. In fact, I really look forward to getting the email in one year, and the second email in five years time. I hope I'm a wiser, stronger and some what more worldly person in five years. 

When the five years are up, I know I'll look back and be blown away by how fast time has passed. I'll endeavour to make the most of the years so that I can look back and have a lot to be proud of and many things to smile about. 

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