Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Opportunity Playspace

As it is currently school holidays for school kids here in Perth, I have been working more with my young client. Today we took him out to Rotary Park in Wanneroo.

Rotary Park has a children's play area called Opportunity Playspace. It was another great park in Perth which is good for kids with disabilities. We took our client there because there is a swing in the park called a Liberty Swing. It is specifically designed for children in wheelchairs. You put the wheelchair on the platform, secure it with chains which are provided and fasten on the seat belt which is attached to the swing. Then you swing away :) 

I didn't get much time to take many photos of Opportunity Playspace, but check out these blogs here and here which have more in depth descriptions and great photos. 

My client - one of the cutest kids I've ever laid eyes on :)

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