Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Aviation Heritage Museum, Bull Creek

My family and I took a little day trip to go visit the Aviation Heritage Museum in Bull Creek. We ended up choosing a great day to go because the weather was so lovely. My brother and dad are always talking about planes. Any planes. Jet planes. Fighter planes. Any plane that was in any one of the World Wars. I didn't even know the museum existed until a few weeks ago, so I thought this would be something cool for my dad and brother. It was also my little brother's 12th birthday today so it was nice to do something as a family.

The museum was pretty amazing. The museum is split up into two warehouses and between the two of them, they're jam packed with 30 air crafts and hundreds of artefacts and pictures. If you wanted to read all the information about each item on display, you'd be there for days.

I'm always keen for a bit of learning, and walking around the museum was definitely good for that. Dad in particular loved it. He went around looking at everything in detail and could have spent all day there. His favourite part was the aeroplane engine display. I didn't even know my dad knew how a plane engine worked, but he told me that it all made more sense now that he's seen one in real life. He liked this place to much that we pretty much had to drag him out of the museum.

Apart from the learning and the family bonding time, what really made my day was the volunteer staff at the museum. They were so friendly! We met one lovely gentleman who was retired and had been volunteering at the museum for 3 years. He told us that the whole museum was looked after and run by one full-time manager and 130 volunteers! Wow! So the volunteers do everything from manning the counter, cleaning and repairs and maintenance of the air crafts. Incredible.

The whole day today was just fantastic. I highly recommend checking out the museum. In particular check out the North wing warehouse which has everything from World War II and after. It'll blow your mind just how huge the planes and bombs (yes bombs!) were. It sent chills down my spine just imagining the devastation one of the bombs would have caused. Even if you go just once, definitely check it out.

My favourite display: the Arvo Lancaster Heavy Bomber Mk7

Huge bomb. Absolutely massive.

Ejection seats!