Friday, October 25, 2013

Artic fire tea

I'm not sure if you already know this, but I am a massive tea fanatic. Love it! Sipping on a cuppa tea makes me a very happy girl...especially if I'm sipping from a dainty little tea cup with it's own matching saucer. 

In my mind, tea is an all-occasions kind of drink. Well almost. When I'm having a late night studying, a cup of tea is there. When I'm enjoying something sweet for dessert, a cup of tea is there. When I'm out having breakfast with friends, a cup of tea is there. When I'm out and about in Northbridge and I feel like a cold drink, a cup of bubble tea is there. Tea is my faithful friend indeed. That is why, my something new today was exciting for me, even though other people may disagree. 

I brewed up a nice little pot of a blend of tea I got from Liquorice Gormet Foods In Joondalup. The tea is called Artic Fire and it is a blend of China black tea, mint and blue cornflower petals. I really really liked this blend. The flavours were subtle and a tiny bit floral. What I liked most was that there was no bitter after taste. It was just that lovely subtle flavour from start to finish. I think that no matter how long you leave it brewing, it won't become bitter. But that's just my experience. 

Not only did it taste good, but I love the blue petals in the tea leaves. It just adds a lovely splash of electric colour :)

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