Thursday, October 10, 2013

Black bean bollitos pelones at Spring Feast

This week is Multicultural Week and there have been lots of different events happening in and around UWA to celebrate. Tonight was the much loved Spring Feast held in the Guild Village.

There was a stage set up on Oak Lawn with live entertainers showcasing their talent, goodies up for sale and stalls and stalls of different types of food from all corners of the globe.

I went to Spring Feast last year, so going again this year was not my something new for today. Luckily for me, one of the first food stalls we went to actually had something vegan on the menu. Most stalls sold meat on skewers :P

The stall sold some Brazilian food and I got the black bean bollitos pelones (baked dumpling). Not only was it vegan, but it was also gluten free. The dumpling was made from corn/maize flour and had black beans in the centre. It was tasty and just one of them was enough to fill me up. 


It was a fun night walking around and checking out all the different stalls. There was one where they were cooking meat on a metal barrel which we thought looked cool.

The entertainment that we saw was brilliant. A very talented girl sang some covers with her guitar and accompanied by piano. She had a very nice dreamy voice. 

Spring Feast is always a bit of fun, so I highly recommend you check it out if haven't already. Make sure you bring lots of small change or lots of $5 notes because they don't always have change for anything over a $20 note. Get ready to wait in line for popular things like the spiral spuds on a stick and the takoyaki, and lastly, get used to the idea of being amongst big crowds because there are a lot of people!

We got some really delicious popsicles from here :) I got the strawberry mint. Very fresh :)

Hi Joanne! :)

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  1. Yay you mentioned me!
    lolol those mexican ice creams were amazing!