Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday fun

I love Sundays! They just have their own laid back and chilled vibe. Can't remember the last time I ever felt low on a Sunday. 

I woke up today without anything planned for my something new, but by the end of the evening, I had done quite a few new things :) 

I like to start off my Sundays by going to church. I love going to church because it is an opportunity to renew my covenant with God when I receive the Eucharist. I learnt a few years ago from Arch Bishop Hickey that when the Priest turns the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, it represents the sacrifice of Jesus because he is the sacrificial lamb. Therefore, each week when this is done, then it's like a new sacrifice is made to God and the covenant is renewed for another week. That is the most basic way to put it. The Arch Bishop did a much (much much much) better job. I'm sorry that I can do justice to his wisdom. Apologies!

Another reason why I love going to church is because I gain so much wisdom from listening to the readings and the homily. It's nice to have the scripture explained to me in a way which is then applicable for everyday life. I'm always keen to learn more about the Bible :)

So anyhow, it turned out that the new Arch Bishop Costello was giving Mass today and afterwards I stayed behind and introduced myself to him. It was the first time meeting WA's new Arch Bishop, and he was such a lovely person. 

My second new thing for today was that I made it to the top of the free climb wall at Rockface Indoor Rock Climbing Centre in Northbridge. My friends and I bought a coupon for 5 sessions valued at a good price and we're slowly trying to utilise them. I've been to Rockface a few times now, and each time I've gone, I haven't been able to reach the top of the free climb wall (i.e. climbing without the harness). Normally I don't make it because we leave the free climb wall to the end of our climbing session and by that time we're already too fatigued. 

Picasa web automatically turned some of my photos into a cool GIF. Awesome!

Over at Rockface, the staff change the positions of the rocks every few weeks and so we got lucky today and had a pretty easy free climb wall. Even so, it still felt great to finally reach the top :)

The third and final new thing that I wanted to share with you guys is my stop over to Hi-Tea in Coventry Square, Morley. Hi-Tea is a bubble tea shop (or boba tea for all you Americans) located just on the outskirts of Coventry Village. They have heaps of tea flavours, toppings and other drinks like smoothies and shakes. I got the mango green tea flavour with sago. I was so surprised to see that they actually use real mango! You could see all mango pulp floating around. I like it this way because it just seems more fresh. It was a great flavour too! Will definitely go back for that one and some others some time soon. 

So there you have it, that was my Sunday. As it so happened to be, the sun was actually out from behind the clouds on this lovely Sunday. So it was sun-day in more than one way :)

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