Sunday, October 6, 2013


Today my good friend Linh baptised her daughter Cathy. Linh and I have been friends since high school, and I have watched Cathy grow up as the years have gone by. A few months ago, Linh asked me to be Cathy's Godmother for the baptism today.

Being a Godmother to Cathy won't just be a title. I will make sure to remain in her life as she continues to grow and blossom into a woman. I really look forward to see her journey through life :)

After the baptism we went across the road and had dim sum at the Gold Garden Seafood BBQ Chinese Restaurant. I love dim sum, and even though there isn't much vegan friendly food, there were still a few dishes I could eat and I was feeling satisfied afterwards. I particularly enjoyed the vegetables here. Normally the vegetables are drenched in oil and you can't taste the vegetable at all, but these greens were crunchy and very flavoursome. They weren't covered in oil either! :) It was a lovely lunch and a nice way to end an already wonderful morning. 

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