Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Solomon's Cafe, Highgate

I have been seeing a lot of food posts lately of people eating at Solomon's Cafe on Beaufort st. All of the posts were of very healthy meals and drinks. When I jumped on the net at had a look at the Urbanspoon website, it turned out that Solomon's has a completely gluten and dairy-free menu. Win!

If there are specific vegan items on a menu, then I am there! My friend Keenan and I went to Solomon's for dinner tonight. He is also the talented person who made the Reez's Gap Year banner at the top of the blog :) 

There was so much to choose from. I will be back again for sure. I ended up getting the black bean patty sliders with a side of slaw and Keenan got the quinoa, brown rice and mushroom dish with a side of beetroot chips. For drinks I got the vegan mango lassi. 

Firstly I will start by saying that the serving size of the Keenan's rice dish was huge. It was actually a mountain-sized portion. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I ate pretty much all of my meal, and then proceeded to eat half of the rice too. The food was just really tasty and I really like to eat :P

The beetroot chips were cool too. They came with two orange wedges and some salt. The waitress told us to squeeze some of the orange on top and sprinkle it with salt to season it. I would have never thought to eat them this way but it was a great flavour combination. 

Not only was the food good but the cafe itself was so lovely. There were tables in the front and out the back too. As you walked along the narrow hallway/corridor to get to the back area, you actually walk past the kitchen. As we were leaving the chef gave us a friendly "thank you". 

I had such a great dining experience here tonight. The only thing that would have made the night better is if I had of left room for dessert. There were vegan cheesecakes on the dessert menu, but for once I just could not fit it in. However, I have learnt from this and I will be chowing down on some vegan cheesecake soon enough :)

The vegan mango lassi

The side of slaw salad

Solomon's salad of organic mushrooms, quinoa, brown rice, broccoli, almonds and seeds, with fresh Asian inspired herbs and spices :)

Solomon's sliders - purple carrot and black bean patties, with an avocado salsa, on home-made quinoa bread

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