Friday, October 4, 2013

Goji and acai berry tea

About 5 months ago I discovered a place called Liquorice Gourmet Foods in the Joondalup shopping centre. The place has shelves and shelves of self-serve confectionery, spices, loose leaf tea, coffee beans and dried fruit. On top of that they also sell bottled goods such as sauce, marinades and oils. But that's not it. There is also shelves of cookbooks and tea sets. The place is amazing. 

It seems like just yesterday when I found the place, and today was the second time I went back in. I was so keen on getting my hands on some tea. There were so many different types and I want to eventually try all of them; or at least most of them. 

I was a bit trigger happy today and ended up buying small amounts of about 6 different types of loose leaf tea. I bought the following:
Artic fire
Chai green
mango sencha
Goji and acai
Green guava and pomegranate
English breakfast (I bought it because I had run out of it at home, not because I've never tried it before :P I love EB)

This is just the wall of coffee beans & loose leaf tea!

The love the little blue cornflower petals.

After dinner I brewed up a small pot of the goji and acai. It was a lovely red colour and had a wonderfully sweet berry aroma. It tasted sweet, but it was still quite a strong flavour and had a bit of a strong after taste. I enjoyed this tea and I just loved how sweet it smelled. 

With summer coming up around the corner, I'm sad that I won't be as eager to enjoy a nice steaming cup of tea, but I do love these new fruity flavoured teas that I've discovered because they would taste great chilled :)


  1. No Weez! You must do iced tea for the summers :D :D Personally i think the fruity ones taste best :)

  2. These sound delicious!! I love this place too im going in tomorrow to buy some!! :D