Saturday, October 26, 2013

Curio Mini Market @ Tea for Tú, Northbridge

Over this last year, I've become quite obsessed with markets. Any kind is good. I like fruit and veg markets, secondhand markets, craft markets, you name it. If the work "market" is there then I'm keen. 

I recently heard about the Curio Mini Market which was being held at the clothing store/cafe Tea for Tú out on William St in Northbridge. I don't always buy stuff when I go to markets, but I love just going to browse all the items for sale. 

I've never been to Tea for Tú before. It's such a lovely little place which has the retro/indie clothing store out the front, a mini cafe out the back which leads to an outdoor area if you make your way up a flight of stairs. 

The market was run by two girls selling their clothing, shoes and accessories as a part of the 2013 Garage Sale Trail (such a cool idea! Checkout the website here and make sure you get involved next year!) I didn't really expect to find anything, but I ended up buying a pair of shoes. Now, these aren't just any random shoes that I liked; these shoes were destined for me :P

In case you didn't know, my friends and I got gold standing tickets to Beyonce's Mrs Carter World Tour in November. I'm not very tall so therein lies the issue of not being tall enough to see past the hundreds of screaming fans, but I don't really want to wear heels because firstly, I will be dancing all night so my feet would probably fall off after all night in heels. Secondly, people will be jumping around so my toes will probably get stepped on. Bloody toes aren't a pretty sight. Therefore, I decided to go for sneakers on the night. Choosing comfort and the safety of my feet is how I roll. Still, I was sad that I'd miss out having that advantage of being taller in heels. 

I started thinking of the perfect shoe (if it ever existed) to wear to the concert. I was thinking that it would have to be a pair of flat wedges for comfort and height, but it would also have to be closed toe in order to prevent bloodied toes. I figured that it would be hard to find a shoe which had all these requisites....that is until I got the market. 

First pair of shoes I find were black patent flat wedges (platforms? is that what they're called?) with closed toe and ankle straps. IN MY SIZE. It's one thing to find the perfect shoe, but when it's in your size and it's the only one left, you know God has worked a miracle :P

Anyways, I thought it was pretty cool how it all worked out. Just had to share :)

This is the outdoor area where the market was. Very cute.

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