Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Exploring Whiteman Park

I went to Whiteman Park today for work so unfortunately I didn't bring my camera to take photos. However if I go back there sometime in the near future then I will post up photos of all the new attractions we discovered today. 

It was awfully rainy and gloomy this morning when I woke up and so I didn't think we'd end up going to Whiteman Park, but I'm so glad we stuck to the plans because the weather cleared up and it turned out to be an amazing day. I honestly had no idea there was so much to see and do at Whiteman Park.

We had lunch at the village Cafe which had a great veggie burger. If you're a fan of thick cut hot chips then you'll be happy with the Cafe because the ones they sell are pretty decent. Thickest chips I've seen in a while. 

We had a lot of fun checking out all the exhibitions around the park too. There was the Tractor Museum of WA which was quite interesting. It was so cool to see all the different tractors. Some were so ancient and vintage looking that it was hard to believe people ever used them. 

The last time I went to Whiteman Park, we took the tram ride which was very nice, but today I found out that they also have regular train rides. What's also good about these trains is that they have wheelchair access (whereas the trams don't). The train was just like the old school train models and the route covered a lot of the park area. I definitely recommend hopping of for a ride at least once. It is a bit noisy, but it's worth the money I reckon. 

There was another exhibition which displayed all the different types of land transportation in Australia. There were old trams, cars, bicycles, and every accessory used for horses and camels. It was very interesting and the displays were done very well. 

Our last little stop before heading home was the children's forest. It's a nice little fenced off area full of all the different Australian flora. There were lots of different paths around the forest, so it could be easy to get lost in there, but it's a great place for kids to explore.

I've known about Whiteman Park for a long time, but I've always taken the place for granted. Today really opened my eyes to what a lovely place it is to spend a relaxed day out. Luckily there weren't many people around today because of the weather because it gave me a chance to enjoy how peaceful the place can be. It's a good place to go and clear your mind and just be outdoors.

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