Saturday, October 19, 2013

Aerial Silks

I tried aerial silks for the first time today at Fantasy Fitness and Dance Studio in Wangara. I found it challenging; in a good way. One of the moves we had to do was hold onto the silks and flip ourselves over. I'm not an acrobat or gymnast in the least and so this was challenging for me. I had a hard time kicking my legs over and keeping my arms bent.

After about 20 minutes of desperately trying to flip, my arms started to fatigue big time which made it even harder to perform this move. After what felt like forever, I finally managed to flip over, and then flip backwards back into the original position. It felt amazing to finally do it. I kid you not, I was sweating like crazy because it is a crazy hard workout. I still have a lot more practise to do before I can master these silks, and I am 100% determined to get it in the end.

Aerial silks can be for anyone. I certainly don't have a natural knack for it, but hey, everyone needs to start from somewhere right? If you really want to try aerial silks, then don't let anything stop you!

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