Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oz Comic-Con

My love for comics stems back to my childhood when my cousins used to watch the 90's episodes of X-men. Throughout primary school, I had friends who were into comics and this continued on into high school too. A high school friend and I even came up with super hero alter egos. I was Catreezy, she was Praven. Praven was a mix between her name and the DC comic character Raven from Teen Titans. We even took one more step towards nerdiness and drew comics of the Adventures of Catreezy and Praven. I haven't thought about those memories for a while now. I like that writing up my blog brings back good memories. 

Luckily for me, I had my sister to share in my love of all things super hero and comics as well as a few other friends along the way. And now my brother is into it as well :) 

A friend told me about the Oz Comic-Con which was held this weekend, and I decided to take my brother. Because to be honest, there isn't anyone left to share in my love of it. Well, not anyone who was free to come along with me at such late notice anyways. But I like that my brother and I have this in common. It gives us chances to talk and just hang out. 

I'm a pretty busy big sister. I don't take my brother out as much as I'd like, and we rarely get the chance to just chill out with just the both of us, so I will take any opportunity, whether it be when we watch The Simpsons on the couch together or going out to events like Comic-Con. 

I've been to a few similar conventions in the past such as the Wai-con anime convention and the Supanova pop culture expo. All have been pretty good, but Comic-Con had more hero merchandise so I think my bias is calling me to say that I enjoyed today's convention the best so far. Plus I really enjoyed spending time with my little brother. My brother is 11. He's come to an age where he spends most of his time on Skype talking to his friends. But he's a good kid. He still makes time to tell his older sister he loves her. 

He may just be 11 years old, but he can be a good role model to me sometimes. He told me a few years ago about a girl in his class that didn't have anyone to play with and so she'd spend most of her lunch times alone. My brother then decided to introduce her to a friend of his and pretty much from then on the girl and my brother's friend became good friends and she had someone to hang out with. I wish I knew someone like him when I was his age. 

I stole this photo from a fellow comic fan & friend's instagram. (Photo from here)

Hand made Iron Man helmet. The creator even added in bits of frayed wire to make it look more realistic.

Captain America. My favourite.

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