Friday, March 1, 2013


When I graduated from high school, I went straight into a Bachelors of Science degree. Throughout those three years I learnt a lot about research. I'm pretty sure the whole course is designed for people who want to work in research labs. It's not an easy field to go into in terms of job availability, stability and just the fact that the work load is not a light one (like most careers I guess). However, as the years went on I kind of grew to enjoy it. Now, if you've done a Bachelors in Science, I'm sure you'll agree that by the end of it, you either love the idea of research, or you hate it and never want to step foot in a lab again.

So my point; I met up with a friend today who is so passionate about research. Like, really loves it. As important as research is, I myself couldn't do it forever and so it makes me so happy when other people go into research because they enjoy it. Scientists have such important jobs! Please give them as much respect as you would an engineer, doctor, lawyer and so on.

So my friend and I ended up watching a movie called Moon today when we caught up. It was very much a spontaneous decision, which in my books makes every great thing even greater. 

I know that watching a movie I've never seen before seems like a bit of a rip off in terms of 'something new', but sometimes movies are just so good they're worth blogging about.

The movie Moon is a sci-fi movie (Attention boyfriends, I don't think your girlfriends will like it...unless she's into that kind of stuff to begin with). It didn't get too far in the box office, but sometimes it's these cult movies that have really unique and engaging story lines. This movie is a bit far fetched and the whole mood of the film was like something out of The Twilight Zone...come to think of it, I probably enjoyed this movie so much because I like The Twilight Zone. I won't go on too much about it, but I gave it a 7/10 on IMdB :)

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