Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Homemade stud earrings

When I went to buy the digital photo frame for my sister yesterday, I popped into a cute little craft store as I was on my way out of the shopping centre complex. As i was browsing the isles for some crafty stuff to fill up my blog with, I came across a bag of stud earring posts and backings (i.e. the pointy bit that goes into the ear hole and the plug that keeps it from falling). I decided to buy these so that I could make earrings out of some cute buttons that I've had for years and years packed away in boxes under my bed. 

I used an adhesive product called Cyberbond adhesive. The stuff is like the mother of all super glue. It can be used on anything. Absolutely anything. It's industrial strength and it dries in seconds. A pain to get off skin though. Use it wisely if it should ever fall into your hands.

So the buttons were free and the bag of about 25 earring posts was $6. About 10 minutes later, four pairs of earrings have been added to my collection :) Homemade accessories: super cheap, stylish and make for great gift ideas. 

From the back you can see that they're buttons, but when they're worn, they just look like cute vintage earrings :)

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