Monday, March 4, 2013

Masons Gardens, Dalkieth

Since starting up my blog, I've been doing a lot of vegan cooking. Although it's good that I'm trying new recipes, the down side is that I'm eating a lot more. I know that this won't stop me from experimenting with new recipes, but for today I wanted to do something other than cook. 

So, I really like alone time. It's nice to just chill out and read a book. It's even better when the weather is nice and I can go outside and enjoy the fresh air. I had some errands to run near uni today and so I decided to google some parks nearby for some scheduled alone time. I have made it a mission to check out as many of Perth's parks and reserves as possible :) 

I found a nice park called Masons Gardens in Dalkeith, about 3 minutes from uni by car. What drew me to choose this place over some of the other nice ones I saw on google maps, was that it had a turtle pond! 

When I got there, the park was even better than I expected. Placed all around the park were statues in the ground of things which you could do in your alone time. I saw the end of a violin, a recorder, a stitch cutter used for sewing, a pencil, and an old fashion ink pen to name a few. 

There was a lovely brick wall which had a pretty mural painted on both sides. I wasn't sure what it was for (other than for display), but I later saw a girl and her dad practicing their tennis skills by hitting the ball against the wall.

There was also a chair placed in front of a great big group of bamboo trees. I think this was my favourite part of the park. I'm not sure what makes the noise, but when you stand near the bamboo trees you can hear them creak in the wind. It would be a bit creepy at night time, but in the day light on a beautiful day like today with nothing but the sound of peace and serenity filling my ears, the sound of the creaking bamboo was so soothing. 

I sat and read a book on the lush green grass. It's my favourite park so far; and I've only just begun my mission! If you have spare time, please go check it out. Bring your book, pets, partner, family or friends. Or just go by yourself. Nothing wrong with that :)

This sign reads: "TIME ALONE. Follow the tools - numbers run from 12-1"

A panorama shot of the turtle pond :) I didn't see any turtles today though. Maybe next time.
The chair and bamboo trees

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  1. The park looks so quaint. I adore these additional decorations and I'm curious about what it'll be like in the holidays when kids are out and what kind of ideas they have for playing around these things.
    Did I read turtle? O_O If I ever run away from home, I'll be busy waiting for the turtles to come back.